Cambridge Brands Inc. – Facility Upgrades

By July 21, 2023Commercial, Special

Owner: Cambridge Brands Inc.
Electrical Crew:  8 at peak

Scope: J&M Brown was brought on board for the initial phase of this project, which included the expansion of their production plant and an upgraded vault.  The Electrical upgrade of the new vault brought in redundant circuits into the facility.  After the initial project was complete, Cambridge Brands kept J&M Brown as their electrical contractor for a myriad of other work that included upgrading all their motors from 575V to 480V, an entire new electrical distribution system and all new electric rooms.  J&M Brown worked closely with the owner to schedule shutdowns and cutovers to minimize downtime of the 24-hr plant.

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  • New Grounding system for the expansion building
  • SqD Switchboards with kirt key
  • S&C gear with auto-transfer
  • Over 120 motors replaced with new motor control center
  • J&M brown has been on site for over 3 years doing various projects