Simmons University – Lefavour Hall & MCB

By May 27, 2022Education, Homepage

Size: N/A
GC: Lee Kennedy Co Inc.
Owner/Developer: Simmons University

J&M Brown and its subsidiary, Spectrum Integrated Technologies, were the electrical and low-voltage subcontractors for this project.  Part of a campus-wide construction initiative, the renovation of Lefavour Hall and MBC included a new library, 2 floors of labs and a floor of office space.  As part of the upgrade, the campus now has a new switchyard with an S&C and Eversource line-up that provides provide power for the entire campus.  Coupled with the switchyard in a new 800Kw generator with a docking station and a 1600A emergency switchboard.  We coordinated with Eversource to utilize an existing duct bank for new high-voltage wiring that tied into a manhole in the street.  To get the new switchyard up and running we design-assisted the Gen set, grounding, blast wall and other associated scope.

Inside Lefavour is a new 13.8 incoming service feed for two 2500 KVA transformers powering LVF and part of MCB West.  From the new 4000A switchboard are two paralell 3000A risers that go to the penthouse, which now feeds three 800A chillers, 2 cooling tower, 4 RTUs.

On the low-voltage side, a new fiber run, BDA and security system were installed as part of the upgrade.


  • Timeline: 17 months
  • Above ground ductbank encased in concrete with steel supports
  • Approximately 50 VFDs with special harmonic filters had to be carefully coordinated to fit within existing spaces.
  • Crew at peak: 36