Parcel G – 350 Water St, Cambridge, MA

Size: 510,000 sq/ft
GC: John Moriarty & Associates
Owner/Developer: DivcoWest
Crew at peak: 46

In November 2022, J&M Brown Company (JMB), headquartered in Dedham, Massachusetts, completed the comprehensive core and shell electrical construction of the new 14-story, 510,000 square-foot Cambridge Crossing Parcel G building located at 350 Water Street in East Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

The expansive 510,000 square-foot Sanofi technology and research building, is comprised of 12 floors of research labs and offices; a two-floor electrical and mechanical penthouse; and a three-level below-grade parking garage.  

JMB’s comprehensive base building electrical project scope included installation of temporary power for the site, primary and emergency power, electrical distribution, site lighting, interior and exterior lighting and lighting control system. fire alarm system, and electric vehicle charging stations. Spectrum Integrated Technologies, the low-voltage division of J&M Brown provided the facility’s tel-data network and security installations.

J&M Brown’s project planning was instrumental in managing strict COVID construction policies without impacting productivity and enabling the NECA contractor to meet the project’s timeline.  To optimize project efficiency, JMB provided over 4,000 hours of prefabrication of electrical components of electrical components, including rooftop conduit runs, racks, junction boxes, and panels in the company’s pre-fab facility in Randolph, MA. 

Productivity was further enhanced as the Cambridge Crossing Parcel G project was constructed on a BIM platform. JMB utilized a Trimble positioning system for underground electrical installations as well as the layout of  the facility’s electric rooms.

Designed with a sustainability focus, 350 Water Street features a state-of-the-art chilled beam HVAC cooling system. Electrical installations that power and tie into the building’s mechanical penthouse and the exterior mechanical cooling towers were elaborate. The building’s cooling system has five exterior chillers requiring a 2,000A electrical feed/tie-in. Significant coordination from top-down was required, as JMB coordinated a critical path list with the project’s mechanical contractor, Limbach.  The building is designed to meet and is in the review process for LEED Gold Certification.

J&M Brown is currently in the late stage, multi-phase electrical fit-out project at 350 Water Street for Sanofi, a project also headed by GC John Moriarty & Associates.