One Hampshire at Kendall Square

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASize: 10-story R&D building
GC: John Moriarty and Associates
Construction Manager: Leggat McCall Properties
Electrical Crew: 12 IBEW electricians

Scope: Comprehensive core and shell electrical construction; temporary power for construction trades; installations of primary and emergency power systems, interior and exterior lighting and lighting control systems, and multiplex fire alarm system.


  • Installation of 13,800V utility service
  • Architectural exterior lighting
  • Multi-phase fire alarm installation
    • Phase one – interface with building’s original fire alarm system followed by demolition of existing system
    • Phase two – installation of interface s forfour separate fire alarm control panels
    • Phase three – installation and integration of separate Fire Command Center
  • State-of-the-art biotech and research laboratory
  • Key tenants include: Draper Laboratory, Schlumberger, Harvard Smithsonian Center

Unique Project Challenge:
Fire alarm system had to be complete prior to shell and core electrical, to support all spaces within the building.