John Hancock Tower – Low Rise Lobby

By August 21, 2015September 8th, 2021Commercial

John Hancock Tower – 200 Clarendon St
Size: 19,000 sq/ft
GC: Shawmut Design & Construction
Electrical Crew: 5 at peak

Scope: Renovation of St. James St. lobby to include a new entrance and elevator lobby.  Upgraded lobby was constructed with decorative, energy-efficient lights, relocated security desk, private elevators, marketing suite and sitting area with floor poke-thrus.  During construction, J&M Brown carefully coordinated relocations of existing panels and installed new gear to keep building operations running without interruption.  Additional, J&M Brown design-assisted distribution to power new Air Handlers and Elevator Machine room.


  • Navigated 1970s era distribution riser to reroute and add new panels
  • Fabricated custom exit signs to match existing
  • Installation of new lighting in Clipso ceiling
  • Retrofitted existing motor controls centers to handle new equipment loads
  • Timeline: 10 months

JHT Lobby - elevators JHT Lobby - P1 fixtures